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The Leah Crisell Show

Feb 23, 2021

In this episode, I am joined by an amazing business coach Clare Wood. She is an ex-accountant now helping service-based entrepreneurs grow from 6 to 7 figures. 

If you feel stuck and don’t know where to start to scale up your business, this episode is for you. We’ll jump into what is stopping you from making more money, 7 figure business best practices, money mindset and more!

You don’t want to miss:

  • The key things you need to do if you want to make more money in your business
  • Biggest mistakes you could be making
  • How to run your business more effectively and profitably
  • Mindset blocks that are stopping your from scaling 
  • Things to do to seek more momentum
  • Practices to do for abundance mindset
  • Secrets 6 to 7 figure business owners do that sets them apart from others

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